Life and Times
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Life was pretty good back in the 60's
Of course I had a rough time in '63 after Kennedy's assassination since they took off all of my favorite cartoons to show the news.

'65 was a bit of a bummer because of the riots and all.

And yes kids we actually walked to school - even junior high.
Growing up in the Soto family meant growing up with the whole extended family. We spent many Easters, Christmases, camping trips and weddings together. Here are a bunch of us cousins on one Easter.
That's me
The 70's were an exciting time which included raising rabbits and steers (and a heifer) and being in the FFA in high school.

Soon came marriage
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Prom time with Richard's Charger
The 80's brought my three sons and all the fun that goes along with being a new dad.
Then came the 90's and then the new millennium, the bad, the good, happy times, sad times, kids growing up, graduations, colleges, and Scouting.
Visit the Troop 688 website
Visit the Troop 688 website
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